Hollie Bridgeman

During my education, I have been fortunate enough to receive amazing opportunities. I have recently been contacted about a 3 month long project to Aruba starting at the beginning of January. The priority of this experience will include coaching sports, with a little bit more of a focus on football, to a wide range of age groups. I am very much excited for this work based learning for a variety of reasons. I am looking forward to experience another countries culture, even though I had never heard of this little island before. This led me to start researching and reading about Aruba therefore before I am even getting on a flight, I am already learning new things. That’s the exciting thing about a trip, there is so much to educate yourself on. I am really looking forward to working over there because it will be a relevant experience for myself and my career. During this experience I will be developing my personal skills, which is going to benefit me as I am getting closer to finding my career and I am certain it will be within the sports education field.

Everything is Possible are the company who organise the trips and it really does say it all in the name. They provide opportunities and experiences which are fully funded to people who apply and chosen to take part in the projects and mine is the sports/football project.

I am grateful that I am studying on LJMU and Everton’s Sports Development degree as this is how I have been given this opportunity, which I would be silly to turn down. Other students who are studying the same course as me have already experienced the working life out there and that makes me certain that I am going to adapt well.